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Reflecting on 25 Years : Starting a Business

A Risky Beginning

2014_07_01_HeatherKeenan_182I left the company I was working for. I was done with the politics. I had also worked for everybody I admired in the industry. They say you learn more from the good leaders and I was fortunate to learn a lot.  At the time I had a high-level banking client with a single event that would cover a year’s salary. My personal life was in transition and I organically went out on a limb because I love what I do. My mentor suggested I buy an existing business and build on a platform that was already there. Maybe I wasn’t ready to start from scratch but I continued on. My big client ended up falling through, but I wasn’t scared. The business had grown and Key Events had begun.

  1. Mircea Manea says:

    Congratulation on such an amazing milestone and on building such a vibrant company! Your story is an inspiration for all of us!

  2. Heather,
    Congratulations! Well earned!! We are so proud to Partner with you and your amazing team at KeyEvents. Looking forward to the next 25 🙂

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