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3 Bay Area Festival Trends for Event Designers

Summer is in full swing, bringing festival inspiration

The Bay Area is a mecca for innovators, creators, and designers. Fairs and festivals further inspire these craftsmen to lead advancements in technology and creativity. Festivals draw out high school students, inventors, technology enthusiasts, teachers, educational institutions, tech giants, programmers, artists, and home crafters –a true melting pot of invention. At Key Events, these innovators and festival trends inspire us to make our events more original and cutting edge.

1. Importance of Evoking Nostalgia

Festivals light up the eyes of children and adults alike, calling attendees to interact, learn, and also ask rubik's cube centerpiecequestions. Events evoke the same engaged energy to capture attendee attention and participation. The Exploratorium and California Academy of Sciences are some of the venues we use to entice guests’ inner child. We tap into this child-like curiosity through nostalgia. Vintage video games, rubik’s cube centerpieces, and Summer of Love theme concepts bring guests back to the past. In addition, oversized lawn games have been a staple at Summer Picnics. These games remind adults of their youthful playfulness and bring back the sense of youthful playfulness. These interactive and engaging event ideas also stem from a core of childlike curiosity and familiarity, something key to the tech industry and festivals alike.

2. Experience Instead of Only Seeing

In order to keep the energy amplified among your guests, create elements to get the guests experiencing your brand and interested in your story. Virtual Reality technology is a huge advancement encouraging Virtual Realityguests to step into a game, product, or location. Live demonstrations showcase technology, chefs, artists, and makers alike. Instead of having boutiques selling wares, invite artists to create their pieces onsite for the guests as take home keepsakes. For example, don’t simply give your guests branded water bottles at the end of the night – bring in a vendor to custom design trucker hats during the event! Create a centerpiece for guests to immerse themselves into, and engage strangers. One event created a larger than life ski ball, tempting attendees to wait in line and try their hand. Crowds are drawn to experiencing and watching those around them experience as well.

3. Customize with Natural Flair

Many craftsmen utilize their technical, industrial, and design talents to create one-of-a-kind pieces to showcase at festivals. They take inspiration from the natural world, featuring angular and prism-centric designs. Meanwhile, natural materials like birch wood and treated steel provide a casual and modern feellaser on wood, trending in both event décor and home interior design.  Laser cutters engrave or cut custom artwork out of wood, plastics, metals and more.

Event planners also use this technology as an alternative to printing – menus, name badges, and signs can be custom engraved for a modern look. Utilize your client’s product in your event design for added brand integration. As a result, you can transform the ordinary like a bar front, welcome sign, or pipe and drape into something unique. Imagine the fire spitting anatomically correct heart installation by the Flaming Lotus Girls as the “Wow” factor at the next medical convention!

Each element of the Bay Area festival scene presents innovative ideas that inspire us to break the mold for our corporate clients. Comment with your favorite Bay Area festival trends below!

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