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3 Trends to Watch for in 2016

These trends will be making waves at your event this year

This year, stay ahead of the curve with your 2016 events. The industry is constantly evolving and as your premiere destination and event managers here in the Bay Area, we dig deep and bring you the freshest trend, design, and experience on the market. We predict these three things will be on everybody’s mind for their event next year!

  1. Measuring, Managing, and Securing your Attendee Data

Our killer Registration Department has activated attendee experiences well before this year with the help of their self-reported preferences. From dietary needs to the type of registrant, the data gathered before they even get to the event gives great informdata breachation for high touch clients, and grants a personalized experience for event attendee. During an event, we utilized Near Field Communication chips that track attendee movement through receivers in floor mats and ceiling monitors that scan corresponding chips in attendee badges to track traffic and report back to our clients the successes and misses with tailored reporting. This gives the client actual ROI and strategy for their next event. The team uses solid PCI compliant systems to protect this information from hackers. Business Insurance reported twice as many data breaches in 2015 over the previous year, and Key Events understands the need to shut down all opportunities for hackers. Clients are prioritizing the discovering, analyzing and securing of this data and we predict these numbers driven needs to be at the forefront of programs throughout the year.

    1. Experience Powered Programming

Brocade Kinetic Theatre 45 second bumper from Britelite Immersive on Vimeo.

Clients are looking to build an informative program
attendees will engage with before, during, and after. The new trend is activating engaging experiences through content that promotes interaction. For example, develop visually stunning elements perfect for attendees’ Instagram, or personalized giveaways that are made by the attendee.  Events are not complete without a selfie or two in and out of photo booths. Feature a top DJ attendees can text or tweet song requests to, ensuring the tunes are exactly what the group wants to hear.  A partner of ours uses gesture control to feature attendee driven video art installations, mimicking movement as large scale art featured in the video above. These in-person memories promote event longevity and have attendees gnawing for the next great thing from their organizer. Because we know, when you say event, you mean experience.

  1. Old Favorites, Elevated

This trend spans several categories of event planning, and brings us back to basics. Down home cooking, like classic mac n cheese can be completely elevated with artisan sharp cheddar and herbaceous rosemary. Pair this with a locally brewed beer or cider, AY2A9367and you have a crowd-pleaser that doesn’t weigh you down. Remix a classic game, like billiards, with LED lights and black light reactive paint, adding an activity and an interesting visual element to the event. Get attendees going with an 80’s cover band, but switch it up with an all-out Jackson 5 tribute group to elevate the sound beyond a mash up of classics to a full-fledged concert with legendary artists! (RIP MJ)

We have proposed these elements for several of our 2016 programs and expect them to appear as steady requests that take over the way we plan events moving forward. Many of our colleagues have shared their thoughts on 2016 trends, including the above, here in Special Events Magazine. What do you expect to see in 2016? Let us know in the comments!

Written By: Natalia Vasquez

  1. Sarah Hill says:

    Great Article and it is really helpful to the readers.Many things can impact like experience,technology,conversation,Entertainment,Take-Aways etc.The whole concept of these new event trends is to put the attendee at the centre of the event, to make them feel like they’re the ones in control and who matter the most, because they do!

    • Natalia Vasquez says:

      Our attendees are front and center, and it’s so important to give them the top experience. Thanks for the comment Sarah!

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