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5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Office

Stop, Breathe, Think... Succeed

The average person is plugged in and working on any number of important tasks. But this multitasking style of work doesn’t increase output. Instead of speeding up, take a moment to be present in the tasks at hand. There are many ways to open the mind up during a hectic day. How can we slow down in a workplace that demands the worker to be go, go, go?

The answer is as simple as practicing mindfulness at the office when you get burdened by the days never-ending tasks.Regular meditation and mindfulness has been proven to lower stress and increase overall efficiency at work. But like anything, it is hard to make it habitual. We have included a short list to help workers achieve maximum mindfulness at work.

Breathe. Start each day with a few minutes of conscious awareness. Breathing is the key to opening up your awareness. Instead of jumping right out of bed into your routine, take a few minutes to notice how you feel and consciously set your intentions for the day.

Slow Down. If your tendency is to move at a very quick pace while getting your day started, focus on slowing yourself down.  When you have a racing to-do list in your mind, take a moment to step back and prioritize. This will help regulate your energy on a busy day.

Listen. Throughout the course of your work day, practice really listening to others. This requires you to shift your energy to the other person and take the focus off you and your mental to-do list, even for a few minutes.

Practice Empathy. Consider ways to recognize other’s accomplishments, needs, difficulties and practice small, simple acts of empathy and kindness that may lighten their load.

Body Language. Pay close attention to your body language. The way we use our body has a powerful effect on closing our attention down – or opening it up. We can’t stress enough the value and importance of being aware of how your body language has an impact in others.

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