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5 Tips to Plan Your Next Event

General ways to get the most from your event planning experience


From events of 6000 that take over major sporting stadiums, to the intimate networking events for our favorite partners and clients, we deploy five crucial event management tips that ensure success for any event.


  1. Give yourself the gift of time.


We consistently hear that there isn’t enough time. When building your own timeline, be generous with an extra 5-10 minutes here and there. The run of an event can be carefully constructed, but there are often unforeseen changes leading up to the day of. For example, an element of a large event began with transporting 1600 guests from their conference to their reception. A week prior to the event, we learned that President Obama would be in town, escorted by security that would significantly impact the route. Our planners rerouted the guests to evade the security lockdown, arriving to the reception on time. Schedule yourself with extra time which will give you the ability to shuffle details around the allotted time frame. Timing is everything!


  1. Know who you are working with.


Understand who the people creating the event with you are. The person who runs the event space, and the person who designs the florals are your partners in executing the perfect event. Know these people on a first name basis, and have open dialogue. Understand what they have done in the past that can work for your event. At Key, the vendors we work with time and time again are some of our favorite people. Let your creativity drive the conversation, and empower the professionals you have engaged to share their expertise. The people you work with ultimately shape the event you will be hosting, so do your due diligence in acquainting yourself with who they are. These are your partners for this event, and future events!


  1. Understand the goals for your clients


Since we weren’t born with the ability to telepathically communicate, dig deep into what the client is looking for. The last thing that any event planner wants to hear is that the client is unsatisfied. Take the time to sit down and have a dedicated time to target goal collaboration. Our team has this initial meeting right at the start of planning the event. We often touch bases throughout the planning, to reiterate how each element meets specific goals. This makes your job less stressful and gives the client the confidence that you’re on the same page and their needs are being met.



  1. Remain flexible


We know that clients can be redirected on the direction for events, no matter how close to the event day. Adaptability is a key component in this business. Stop yourself from really zeroing in on one idea, until contracts are signed. Look and feel will need altering, clients may need additional options, and it is up to you to manage it all. With so many different elements shifting around, flexibility and open mindedness are some of your greatest tools. Adapt to change and save your discarded ideas for future greatness.


  1. Have fun


After all of the hard work, the constant updating, the late night proposals, and the early morning phone calls, the big day has come. Between managing the run of show take time to appreciate the finished product. Don’t hesitate to revel and be proud. This is your event and your hard work has made it a success. And don’t forget to post some event photos on the company social media accounts; you’ve earned the bragging rights. Enjoy them!

Posted June 21st, 2016 | Expert Articles | It Lists
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