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3 Ways To Go Beyond the Ballroom


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One of the most important factors to the overall success of an event is the venue selection, choosing an appropriate setting that is unique, creates a memorable experience, and complements your F&B. Break free of the ballroom with these out of the box location ideas, and your guests will thank you.

The Sky

Imagine the thrill of dining at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters. This truly takes food to the next level – pun intended. Able to accommodate 8 four-person-tables or 6 four-person-tables and 2 platforms for a show, your guests fasten their seat belts for a meal prepared with precision by critically acclaimed chefs. Each course is perfectly paired with wines to enhance the experience. Add in a DJ or live music and the night is set for magic anywhere in the world.

The Kitchen

Turn the restaurant inside out and have guests dine where the action is – the kitchen. Pump up the adrenaline by adding a “Top Chef” style competition.  Chefs compete head to head for each course, with the winner pronounced by the diners at the conclusion of the meal. Guests can’t resist becoming involved with the intricacies of the meal, and love the rare opportunity to see modern day celebrities at work with their craft.


The Great Outdoors

A Bay Area based organization, Outstanding in the Field pays homage to the farm-to-table culture, creating aesthetically magnificent outdoor dining experiences.  These “restaurants without walls” are culinary circuses, serving a locally sourced meal at one, very long table in picturesque locations such as farms or gardens, on mountain tops or in sea caves, on islands or at ranches.  With the mission to re-connect diners to the origins of their food and to honor those who cultivate it, this is an event concept that can be adapted for your next corporate function to foster a new level of engagement and connection between your guests.


The Key Events team loves a creative challenge – call on us to produce a beyond the ordinary experience for your next function.


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