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Drones Rising : Event Applications

drone 1Sending a helicopter into the sky to capture alluring perspectives of events will soon become obsolete to the ease of drone technology. Drones are much more compact and don’t require a person onboard, allowing the aircraft to reach death defying sites for a fraction of the cost.

There are several drone manufacturers offering a range of models for whatever a business needs. Any hobbyist or media professional can do a quick online search and find many types of drones on the market. From kits of DIY drones, to high end top dollar machines; technology manufacturers have begun adapting to the consumer.

Entire media firms offer solely drone photography and videography. Stunning video footage of the Grand Canyon, and Fourth of July fireworks display launch the viewer into the action, and into a new realm of possibility. Endless Entertainment invites their customers to film events and gain not only an aerial perspective of their attendees but an up-close shot of a performer or a unique perspective for a time lapse video.

Drone technology is predicted to optimize the site visit, and the coordination that comes along with it, drone2saving clients time and money.  An events company may purchase private drones to capture compelling views and create a media package for the site. Virtual tour provider Plantour uses drones to provide 360-imagery on site visits, as well as user controlled virtual tours. Although this technology emerged recently, plenty of photography professionals adopted the technology early on.

Drones are not just great for photographing; drones also capture live data about events. A quick fly over can measure the activity and movement of a crowd. For example, if an area of an event has become clogged with people a drone will relay that information to the event planners that can better palaceoffineartssolve the issue. They are also able to provide feedback about particularly popular attractions. If a lounge is underutilized, the event planner may opt to not provide that feature in subsequent events.

Event professionals also predict the rise in drones to increase the amount of virtual attendees. Speakers will be able to remote access in via drone, and participate in real time. Currently virtual attendees wheel around on Segway’s with iPads, but the drone will make that much more accessible. They also may increase the amount of virtual speakers. A drone can hold a variety of objects, including iPads and cameras.


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