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Weave in the Wow – Creating Excitement at Your Events


Elevate the Experience – The details are the “Special Sauce”

At Key Events, we work with clients that have a full range of budgets. One thing remains consistent no matter how lavish or cost-conscious: it’s our job to deliver experiences that will last a lifetime. Here are three ways to weave excitement into your program through details and personalization, even during key moments you may not even realize are available.

Entertaining Transitions

Incentives by nature are filled with non-stop wow factor. However, it can be a scheduling challenge to creatively keep the day on time while still making it fun from every angle. For one tightly-orchestrated program, we came up with an engaging solution to prevent our client from having to constantly herd guests. We achieved this through unique entertainers at various transition times including: sequined ninjas to greet guests, a flash mob of Elvis’s at the lull of a poker tournament, futuristic geishas to lead guests to dinner and more. Instead of dragging feet, guests were thrilled to be swept up into the next phase of the adventure.

Activate & Personalize

The most common request we receive is to create something extraordinary that guests wouldn’t be able to access on their own. We imaginatively activate destinations to deliver a bespoke experience. In one example, we brought the American Dream and baseball to life for a New Zealand group – a completely foreign sport for them. The night before, guests received a room drop of an official baseball jersey with each of their names across the back. Special cards with rules of the game were provided so they could truly appreciate the action in the field as they watched from the incredible Legends Suite at AT&T Park. In another example, we brought the iconic Rock to life by letting Alcatraz be Alcatraz for a Gala dinner. While guests were in black tie, the dinner décor featured long kings tables like mess hall tables complete with burlap linens and denim napkins. Centerpieces were made from the flowers that grow on the island. A highlight of the evening featured a retired Alcatraz guard sharing memories of the prison – giving each participant a book with an individual handwritten note.

The Journey As Adventure

An element that can be overlooked is the method of transfer. Think beyond the destination and make the journey itself part of the adventure. We have countless examples, here are just a few:

  • For an automotive group enjoying an escape to Pebble Beach, helicopters provided the ideal jump to the next stop in Santa Barbara.
  • For a technology group savoring the harvest in wine country, chauffeured antique cars lent the perfect touch of elegance and flair.
  • For an international group faced with the challenges of moving within the city during a major parade, branded pedicabs saved the day with smiles all around.

Seeking to infuse your program with the elusive Wow Factor? Give the Key Events team a call and we will put our creative minds to work for you.

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