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Event Highlights: Sustainability Success

Creating a green program for leading technology client

Key Events produced a highly sustainable event for a technology leader at one of our favorite LEED certified event spaces, The Exploratorium. Brilliant use of travel opportunities and local catering allowed a high impact celebration with low impact to the Earth.


Locally sourced catering professionals came equipped with knowledge and skill to produce high level fun with low level waste. Staff members traveled within the city parameters through carpooling and public transit, keeping unnecessary vehicles off the road. Similarly, the food came from locally sourced farms minimizing overall miles to travel to the event, a combined 817 miles for all trucking. The food was also organically grown and responsibly raised, reducing the carbon output from farm to table. The closer the veggie the fresher the flavor!


The Exploratorium is a Platinum LEED certified building. Its goal is to become the first net-zero energy museum in the US – if not the world! To help achieve this goal, the Exploratorium has a 1.3-megawatt SunPower solar power system to offset its electricity demand, plus an innovative Bay Water Heating and Cooling System that regulates the museum’s indoor temperature. Just hosting the event at this venue shrank the environment impact!


Waste can be a terrible thing, but this event diverted plenty to compost and recycling. The event practiced waste sorting by attendees and staff members alike. Coupled with compostable silverware, plating, and napkins 84 pounds of waste were put into the compost. Even more astounding, this event generated 236 pounds of recycling!

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