Top 5 Innovative Ways to Showcase Your Brand

Dimensional Logo

By Kelly Stoneberg, Sales Coordinator

1 Display Colossally Sized Logo as your Focal Point – Displaying your logo at an event is one of the oldest tricks in the hat, but these days, you have got to think big and outside the box in order to get guests to even raise an eyebrow. Draw attention with dramatic, larger than life dimensional letters, coating them with different textures, colors and prints to convey a deeper brand message. These letters are sure to create an aura of brand presence and relay a substantive statement to guests. 2 Stream your Message on an Interactive Image Wall – It’s all about getting guests excited and energized around your brand! The gesture-controlled wall display reacts to movement, projecting animated images customized to support your desired theme and messaging. The size and glow of the interactive wall draws in the initial interest, but engaging the guest’s senses is what keeps their attention and makes your brand memorable. 3 Immerse Guests in Graphic Experience Using 3-D Projection Mapping           This new technology takes simple image projection to a whole new level, creating the ability to turn nearly any surface into a dynamic video display. The recent advancements in software and projector quality sink old methods, simply blowing away the audience with realistic visual experiences related to your messaging. A simple building front or ballroom wall can be transformed into anything from a rainy tropical rainforest to a crumbling building. 4 Use your Product to Enhance Event Mood through Décor & Lighting – The mood and theme of your event are instantly projected through the décor and lighting you select. Why not combine these two event essentials to create one major “wow” factor? Raise brand conscious décor up and away from eye level and work the lighting into the adorned experience. Think chandeliers created from your product, floating colored light panels, and logo laser cut lanterns. 5 Create @Event Social Community – There’s an App for that! – Social Media’s ever expanding influence has hit our industry and can easily increase the impact of your brands presence at an event. Mobile apps for social media platforms like facebook and Twitter are creating new ways for guests to become the driving force of your message. Displaying real-time pictures and positive feedback that guests tweet @yourcompany during the event is a great way to build your network and create a brand buzz online.

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  • excellent ideas, we are taking a stand at an event in May and you’ve given me some good ideas.

    April 2, 2012
  • LOVE the ideas. Great concepts and ideas. I particularly love the large architectural logo. It sets the stages for a fantastic visual experience and brands the event as unique. Thanks.

    April 3, 2012

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