Top 5 Ways Live Events Deliver ROI

By Marisa Ceballos, Sales Manager

Ten years ago we may have been more comfortable being offline. And I mean being offline as literally as being unplugged from our personal electronic devices.

Today, as technology is constantly referred to as “smart” and “smarter” there is a sense of reassurance when we are online and closer to that. While more and more event planners are integrating mobile platforms into their events to create an added breadth of communication, live events are still a place where participation and engagement is primarily hinged on interaction between fellow human beings in person.

Yes, face to face, and in person.

Here are 5 ways live events will create the most rewarding connections of any promotional tactic:

1 Branding – Events provide an opportunity to let your brand breathe life. What does it say? What does it look like?

2 Get Personal – Events communicate tangibly, corporate team building interactively, emotionally, and create the face to face time with people that is so important in business. And let’s face it, real life moments create emotion that is much harder to replicate through traditional and new media.

3 Content – Events provide a chance for you to create the content and start the discussion. You get to decide the messaging, and not worry about competitive distractions like ads and pop-ups.

4 Viva Voce– No carrier pigeon needed. Word of Mouth is the oldest form of communication, so what better way to let your message take flight than having your attendees talk, talk, talk about it and deliver the message for you.

5 Collaboration– Events are a great way to recognize business partnerships and sponsorships over and above the usual logo list online. Events create the opportunity for your partners and attendees to hear the how you complement each other. Allowing guests to fully understand the collaboration between various businesses and organizations adds value to both.

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  • Sheryl O'Neil

    Thank you Marisa – I couldn’t agree more with your reasons for live events. It is an environment ripe for reaching lower decile buyers in a one-on-one information exchange.

    August 30, 2012
  • I agree with the points that were shared here and I believe that live events have this type of appeal that makes someone attached.

    September 13, 2012

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