Top 3 Meeting & Event Remembrances

By Marisa Ceballos, Sales Manager

In marketing, communications, meetings, and events it’s challenging to demand attention with all the announcements, sessions, tradeshow booths, parties, placement, and noise. Not only are there so many choices, there are also so many distractions. Having a strong presence doesn’t mean you have to stand the tallest, YELL the loudest or spend the most money. It’s possible that if you throw too much information at your audience or tell them everything in a summarized pitch you’re leaving them with only one choice: to understand it enough to remember it. And chances are…they won’t. An idea is to provide more opportunities for interactive collaboration, chances for discovery, and ways promote a sense of community in your next program. These are the *proven* ways to stimulate productive memory.

Here are the top ways to make your meetings and events demand remembrance:

1 Interactive – Opt for more conversations and fewer presentations. Somewidth="190"presentations may only resonate with some of your audience. In order to maximize your ROI, maximize engagement. Learning is proven more effective through interaction like facilitation, collaboration and discussion. Create an open floor plan with several activities to help attendees converse over various topics. Facilitation doesn’t have to be achieved through an actual person, use technology instead. For example, interaction through mobile applications.

2 Discovery – Allow attendees to understand the problem and then help them discover a solution. For example, build an “ask a question kiosk” and instead of giving an answer right away, have them follow a step by step process to help them see how your company or association came up with their solutions. You could also use this method to help attendees create a work flow to discover the solution on their own. The modern productive worker is used to problem solving.

3 Community – Make it easy for attendees to share. How about community boards or best ideas stations, where attendees can post their ideas and others can add to it throughout the day. Create a tree of ideas in the form of a digital graffiti wall. Guests can keep checking back to see where their posts have grown and how they can continue to contribute.

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