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Getting the Most out of Your Site Visit

Look to your DMC Partner to Maximize the Value

Conducting a site visit is a crucial element to ensuring a program’s overall success. It helps you visualize, experience and even feel the feng shui at various locations.  On the outside, planning a site visit seems easy: create a list of possible locations, make the appointments, and book a vehicle to move around town.  However, working with a local DMC, like Key Events, to plan and conduct a site visit can add so much value.

A DMC can help answer these questions:

What top locations should we look at?

As the local expert, a DMC will determine the top available options based on your specifications.  The DMC puts together a list of ideal locations, along with a site visit schedule in advance for your approval.  Lean on the experience and logistical prowess of your DMC partner to streamline the selection process by visiting only the locations that truly meet your criteria.

Who should we meet with at each location?

The DMC will set-up the meeting with the appropriate representative.  It is likely the DMC has worked there before, and has built a relationship with their management team.  Your DMC partner is there as your advocate and will help identify any challenges – and solutions – with the space.

Do we have this venue on hold?

The DMC will automatically place initial holds at each location, and keep track of the booking process.

How will all of the pieces come together at this location?

The DMC has vision. Based on your RFP, any past events, and various intangibles, a DMC can help determine the best way to put the pieces together at each location.  You can rely on a DMC as an onsite consultant to explain the bigger picture of how to bring the program to life.

What if the program specifics change right before the site visit?

DMC’s are nimble and used to quick pivots.  Your DMC partner will be able to turn on a dime to ensure you are seeing the venues that best meet your goals.

Next time you are booking a site visit, consider involving a local DMC partner to help answer your toughest questions.  The added value is at your fingertips!


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