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Heather’s Do’s and Don’ts: Email Etiquette – Keeping it Efficient

Most business communication happens in email.  This is a fantastic change from the old days, or not… Here is a simple set of rules that will help for efficient communication.

DO think about your subject line.  The recipient of your email will appreciate an accurate description of the subject of the email so that when she goes to search for it or file it, she knows what it is about.  Don’t be afraid to re-label it if the conversation changes.

DO take time to think about what you want to say and how to say it to be perfectly clear. The drafts folder is there for a reason.

DO get all of the info you need before you answer an email. It can be frustrating getting half of the answers on one email and half of the answers on another email.

DO anticipate all the questions that your email may incite, and answer them before the client has to ask.


DON’T forget that if the conversation gets too complicated, pick up the phone (Skype, etc.) and have a conversation.  It could save time and misunderstandings… DO have your direct line in your email signature so picking up the phone is easy.

DON’T think that your spring flower / grid / antique gold background is an enhancement.  It’s a pain in the neck.  That goes for those cute proverbs too.  Save it for Facebook.

DON’T ever put anything in an email that you wouldn’t want plastered up on a billboard on Sunset Avenue… Ever!

DON’T overload an email with information.  Sometimes the budget needs to go in a separate email from the invoice.  DO make it easy for the recipient to forward on.

DON’T send files that are over 5 MB.  In fact, with the cloud, even that is pushing it.

DON’T send pictures of your kids / puppy / vacation in business emails.

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