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Heather’s Dos and Don’ts


The Dos and Don’ts for Potential Incentive Pitfalls

In this issue’s “Dos and Don’ts” we ask Heather Keenan for tips on how to ensure successful incentives. Here are her top points to consider for your next program.


  1. Do pay attention to every last detail.  This isn’t about money or budget; it’s about taking care of the people that earned the trip.
  2. Do provide guests with personalized experiences that engage all of their senses.
  3. Do be a bit more adventurous in your activity choices. For these folks, there aren’t any clients around, so have an activity that pushes the envelope a bit.
  4. Do plan an activity for the spouses during the obligatory “meeting”. It is important that the families are happy and that everyone has a great experience.
  5. Do have an “at a glance” itinerary with contact information to leave at home for nannies, dog walkers, caretakers, etc. Be explicit about what men and women should pack. People will be much more comfortable if they are wearing the right clothing.


  1. Don’t give guests heavy, useless, or breakable gifts. They will leave them in their rooms rather than pack them. Or, arrange to ships gifts home for guests.
  2. Don’t schedule every spare moment. People sometimes just need time to take a nap or a bubble bath – or answer some emails.
  3. Don’t forget to schedule departures and arrivals on a day when there are multiple trips to the destination. Flights can be cancelled and people can miss their original flights.
  4. Don’t be wishy-washy about the parameters for children or extra participants. Clearly state who is invited and to what.  It is embarrassing when someone has an underage child gulping the wine.
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