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Interview: 3 Key Questions with Corporate Event Planner Heather Keenan

San Francisco corporate event planner talks about moving her company.

Heather Keenan corporate event plannerr

Heather Keenan, President of Key Events

It has been a whirlwind month for the San Francisco, Calif.-based event agency over which president and corporate event planner Heather Keenan, has presided over for nearly three decades. But in contrast to the monumental undertaking of relocating a business, the transition to Key Events’ FiDi headquarters has been remarkably smooth.

Keenan sat down with Tracey Lande, Head of Strategic Marketing for Key Events at Key’s HQ for a quick conversation about the three key reasons for the move.

Tracey Lande: Relocating a company can be a mammoth undertaking and you decided to do just that last year.  What were the driving factors behind your decision?

Heather Keenan: Our clients know us as a nimble agency with big capabilities and we achieve this through our collaborative culture. So this move is about leveraging and building on that “X-factor” as we experience record growth. Our new office at 220 Montgomery has allowed us to rethink our layout. We’ve knocked down walls and designed a space that enhances cross-team communication and supports our company’s steady growth. Our new floor plan aims to take advantage of our strong collaborative culture to encourage creative conversations, accuracy and turnaround for our clients.

TL: Was your decision to call San Francisco’s Financial District home a strategic move?

Heather Keenan: Absolutely. We’re now prominently located in one of the most vibrant business corridors in the Bay Area and we believe this new central location will help increase our accessibility to current clients and visibility as a corporate event planner to new markets. As an effective partner to both established and start-up companies, local and international brands, we’re ideally situated to design and execute powerful brand experiences and quintessential San Francisco memories.

TL: A recent Key Events blog post mentions the many restaurants, services  available as well as access to public transportation. How much does this access matter?

Heather Keenan: It matters. Our differentiator is that we bring heart and soul to every corporate event we support. Our number one goal is to help our clients create business events that captures the heart, mind and spirit of each and every attendee. For this reason, we want to attract talent that shares these values with us. So we want to be an attractive career option for a potential candidate. We want the decision to work at Key vs. anywhere else, to be an easy one. Being ideally located to all that San Francisco has to offer will hopefully be attractive to our current and future employees.

TL: You’ve come a long way since 1993 when you launched Key Events. How would you describe where you are today?

Heather Keenan: I think it’s a journey. We are incredibly excited about the work that our team is doing and how that has enabled our growth. We believe  our growth is validation that what we bring to the table for our clients is on the mark and what they are looking for out of a partner today. But a lot of this move is about as we scale, making sure we maintain all of our unique components that make us successful.

We want to continue to be known as the agile agency with big capabilities.

Key Events relocated to its new headquarters on February 5th. Key’s new address is 220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco, CA 94103.

The Financial District in San Francisco.

Via Airbnb Neighborhoods a comprehensive neighborhood guide for all of San Francisco.

The Financial District is the city’s business center. Among the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline is the striking, spire-topped Transamerica Pyramid building. Airbnb describes FiDi perfectly: “The Financial District is responsible for San Francisco’s most recognizable skyline. Beneath the cluster of towers, businesspeople zip through the Financial District’s sleek revolving doors. In this core San Francisco neighborhood, weekdays fly by as suits and cell phones speed walk past shoppers and vendors.”

FiDi offers a wealth of happy-hour hot spots and elegant date-night destinations, including the classic Tadich Grill, the city’s oldest restaurant.

SFO Airport: 30 minutes by cab without traffic or 51 minutes by BART
Golden Gate Park: 54 minutes by public transit
Fisherman’s Wharf: 17 minutes by public transit
The Ferry Building: 10 minute walk

San Francisco’s Financial Center

Via Airbnb Neighborhoods a comprehensive neighborhood guide for all of San Francisco.

One Transamerica Pyramid via AirBnB Locations

One Transamerica Pyramid via AirBnB Locations

Towering high-rises and repeating windows characterize San Francisco’s Financial District, a neighborhood that functions on dollars and cents.

Financial District

Organic infrastructure still finds a way to grow inside this glass and marble wilderness.

Via Airbnb Neighborhoods a comprehensive neighborhood guide for all of San Francisco.

Via Airbnb Neighborhoods

Via Airbnb Neighborhoods

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