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Key at de Young’s Oscar de la Renta Premiere

Attending a Debut for the Hospitality Industry


FullSizeRender-1The Creative Services and Sales Team attended an event at the de Young Museum hosted exclusively for the hospitality industry, to experience a top event venue featuring our partners showcasing what they do best. The museum featured the highly anticipated exhibition of Oscar de la Renta’s work. The museum’s prominent observatory reaches into the sky as a dramatic landmark of light in the darkness of Golden Gate Park. With this stunning architecture, the de Young Museum is a top contender for large scale events in San Francisco.  The event was an amazing opportunity for our team to reconnect with the venue and imagine how the museum would fit our client’s needs.

Upon entering the museum, a flood of violet lights reflected from one side of the angular ceiling the next only to be muted by roses projected over the lights for a balanced dreamy effect. A combination of industry chatter and a jazzy duo provided a perfect pairing of entrance entertainment, provided by Entire, singing covers of top 40 hits. Taking inspiration from the pseudo-Egyptian Revival style, the de Young was constructed in 1894 in a style far ahead of its time. The evening was catered by the tastes of McCall’s, featuring diverse food stations and great staff. The Key team is proud to work with McCall’s on our largest events coming up this year. It was a great opportunity to be on the dining side of the buffet stations. The setup made it easy to nosh and navigate through the great turn out. And this wasn’t even the exhibit space.

IMG_0650Descending into the lower level of the expansive museum, a narrow doorway and toned down lighting added to the anticipation of the showcase just beyond the threshold. And the pieces surpassed expectation. Moving through the corridor, we learned about how the designer loved to take influence from other cultures and time periods. The faceless mannequins were decorated with jewelry and posed in a demi god stance, paired with footage from past fashion shows. We end in a room dedicated to the modern day impact Oscar de la Renta had on the red carpet. Simply breathtaking.

The evening was a beautiful sampling of sensory experiences. The exhibit will be at the de Young through the end of May, and it a moving story on the inspiration of fashion from the influential designer. Yet another reason to love San Francisco, and all of the pieces that make the city an enchanting place to live, work, and visit. We look forward to bringing our client’s to the museum in the future.

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