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Key Innovations: Striding into SxSW

SXSWOn the pulse of an evolving industry, Key Events branched into a new arena with clients at South by South West. The festival lands somewhere at the intersection of technology, music, film and everything in between.  This was the perfect arena for our technology clients, and the company’s that finance them, to grab hold of the 30,000 digital creatives and make a lasting impression through brand marketing.

The interactive portion of SxSW gave a fresh opportunity to make impressions in the eyes of the technology consumers, particularly interested in adapting the latest releases. The festival had no shortage of innovation. The Start Up village at the festival was filled to the brim with fresh ideas. The location had doubled in square footage from the previous year. The crowd has grown immensely as well, featuring a convergence series where the three elements of the festival cross- over for optimum networking opportunities.

Key Events launched fully branded programs through our creative partners. From a full-fledged mobile marketing campaign to a logistics heavy registration, Key Events used its highest skill level in a new setting. The electrifying atmosphere of the festival was contagious. Key Events seized critical audiences in the technology sector to execute the ultimate marketing impact. People from across the nation emerged to broadcast and engage with leaders in technology; from Silicon Valley giants like Google and Pinterest, to start-up breakout star Meerkat mobile broadcasting.

Each corresponding program with SxSW has a branded component, like NPR sponsored concerts and Mashable sponsored viral media houses. However, the wrapped vehicles brought to you by BrightRoll stood out as one of the few branded cars. People are not confined to one arena at SxSW and are often walking around the streets of Austin from event to event. This provided the greatest exposure to a concentrated audience of early adapters. The vehicle was not only giving great brand exposure, it was used as a VIP transportation option. Key Events took an ingenious idea from the client’s marketing team and ran through our trusted network for a seamless execution.

Our proximity to the Silicon Valley grants prime access to the booming technology industry and SxSW had a premium cross section of nationwide leaders. Through marketing brands in the industry, Key Events expanded beyond the classic association and corporation programs. The electrifying atmosphere of the unique festival will bring future Key Events partner programs to SxSW.

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