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We’re Delighted to Introduce the Latest Addition to the Team Megan Warzeniak

Welcome, Megan!

Megan, a 20-year luxury resort market veteran, joins Key Events as Director of Corporate Business. We are super excited about what Megan brings with her in terms of experience and she is already making an outstanding impact.

Today, Megan answers our Tolstoy Questionnaire.

What is the Right Time for Every Action?

Well, the early morning gives me the most mental clarity. My morning routine centers me for the day. I stretch, enjoy hot water with lemon to align my senses and hug my chocolate lab mix the unsinkable Molly Brown.

Who are the people you surround yourself with?

I work with people who are strong in areas I admire, so we can collaborate and share knowledge. I’m so attracted to influencers who inspire me on an intellectual level and push me further.

Personally, I’ve been drawn to the introverted person in the room who might not have a clique surrounding them. Must be from moving around so frequently in my childhood, and syncing with people most pass up. I befriend people and form my own network.

This translates to my way of doing business. I’m pretty transparent and value a good sense of humor. These two characteristics have helped me forge meaningful relationships with my clients, who I also consider friends.

What is the most important thing to do?

Keep a sense of humor at all times, because an acute sense of humor is sign of intelligence as my mom always tells me. I bring this humor innately to my environment, and it helps me to diffuse stressful situations and take risks. It’s served me well!

Here at Key, Warzeniak will oversee the strategic direction and expansion of Key Events’ high-caliber experience services, which redefine meeting experiences for leading global brands. In addition, Warzeniak will leverage her deep network of corporate and third party meeting and event planners to create new business opportunities for Key, adding to its wide-ranging portfolio of clients.

Read more in our press release here!

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