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#Nowtrending Meditation Breaks at Meetings

3 Benefits to a Quick Break from Meeting Programming

You’ve registered for your three-day intensive meeting, business cards are in hand and you’ve plotted each seminar and networking reception with the latte to fuel your body.

But what about your mental recharge tools? Brief 15-minute meditation breakouts are on trend for 2016 meetings. They allow guests to go the distance and make the most of the programming offered. Make your next meeting more digestible by building in breaks so attendees achieve these three benefits.

  1. Breaking away from the “always activated” lifestyle maximizes productivity long term.

Across any industry, the fear of burnout is a big concern. There’s no sense in mentally draining yourself during a highly educational meeting. Planning to break away from the programming for a meditation session will allow a longer duration of time spent focused at the enriching content. A brief break to check in, take a seat, and allow the attendee-brain to empty can pay you back in additional hours of fully engaged learning. For the planner, this means more meaningful brand engagement. For the attendee, it means adding more knowledge to your database and having energy to grab an after hours meal with your new connections.

  1. Taking a group meditation increases connectivity to the people around you.

Teams working cohesively execute projects with greater success. In order to work seamlessly as a team, members need to have positive attitudes and a willingness to feed off of each other’s ideas. Meditation helps to eliminate the emotions of jealousy, anger, and impatience. This leaves teams with a receptive mindset. Taking time to meditate as a group greatly increases social connection and emotional intelligence, promoting teamwork. These 15 minute opportunities to breathe and gather emotions translate to a positive mindset, and an effective group member.

Portrait of multi racial business group meditating together at office

  1. Meditation breaks promote creative ideation.

Studies show that meditation changes your brain for the better. Through the art of meditation, individuals gain a clearer mind, and are rejuvenated with a new enthusiasm for focus and knowledge. It increases blood flow to areas of the brain related to paying attention and improves your overall memory. By simply making time to sit down and relax, you can improve creativity, decrease stress, and even strengthen your immune system. There is nothing like a cleansed mind to get those creative gears churning.

Promote individualized thinking and connect with your inner inventor! Encourage your group to step away from the “go-go-go” and connect to fellow attendees through scheduled meditation breaks. Planners prepare content with a high level of detail; ensure your attendees absorb the maximum exposure to the topic. Next time you have a meeting or conference, schedule some TLC for that hardworking brain of yours.

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