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Pharmaceutical Technology Conference

A bio-pharmaceutical company, hosted a meeting on the new developments in technology the company was specifically making to their niche industry. The attendees were leaders of the biotech, life science and bio-pharmaceutical industry. The client took on this massive task and sourced a space that challenged our team to create the event they were looking to host. We stepped in to deliver on their business objectives and position the client’s branding consistent to their growing portfolio. The theme focused on sleek and modern themes, but in an older venue. Our staff worked to creatively transform the stage with lighting and décor as well as an entertainment piece that would read modern. Key Events was the creative force to guide the client along the best path to achieve their business goals. They utilized our Registration team who coordinated all pre-event necessities, onsite check-in and giveaways and post event follow up to deliver on business objectives for the client. The client was thrilled with our seamless integration into their internal team and the experts we partnered with to host a smooth event.

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