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Previewing SPiN SF

Ping Pong Bar that will score points with the SF locals


Opening Spring 2016, this Ping-Pong emporium will include 19 full Ping-Pong tables, a kitchen and two full bars. SPiN SF is going to take The City by storm!


Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon brings this eclectic Ping-Pong social club to the “older kids” of SF.  The New York-based franchise has six other locations around the world, including Toronto, LA, Belgium and Chicago (coming this fall). San Francisco, the clear sixth choice for a ping pong club, will no doubt embrace the unique blend of sport and entertainment that has been popular in the Bay Area for many years.


Susan Sarandon feels that San Francisco is the perfect location for her distinctive brand by saying, “Ping pong is a game that anyone can play. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what sex you are, what your sexual preference is, religion, race. It doesn’t matter. It’s the kind of game that if you’re a beginner, it’s not complicated. You can pick up a paddle; you may not be that good, but you can play … It’s something that is open to everyone.”


SPiN SF will be located in SOMA at 690 Folsom Street, the epicenter for nightlife and foot traffic. This innovative and futuristic building is filled with about 12,000 feet of usable event space, perfect for a night out with your buddies or a large-scale corporate event. SPiN SF caters to both the young and old who want to get their Ping-Pong fix; during the day the 19 Ping-Pong tables will be available for rent to the whole family, and at night the venue transforms into an edgy adults only game room that only guests over 21 can attend.


The Sales team at Key Events a networking event for the premier of the Chicago space, featuring professional Ping-Pong players and 100 event planners. The space was a great way to get hosts and attendees interacting and having a great time.


SPiN SF offers so much diversity and flare that it is sure to be a hit in SF. To find even more information on this remarkable venue click below.



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