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Stephen Lazar Wins H Factor Leadership Award

With our steady growth and dedicated staff, it is no wonder that Key Events’ Vice President Stephen Lazar was honored this past month by winning the H Factor Leadership award.  But, what does this award say about Key Events?

The H Factor Leadership Award is given to the chapter that displays above and beyond, unforgettable events, with dedication to the HGA’s commitment to the industry.  As the company puts it themselves, “The H Factor is that extra something special that we bring to the table in all that we do… The H Factor for us doesn’t stop at supporting our clients, but also involves supporting our industry, each other and our communities.” Winning this award showcases Stephen’s personal dedication to the industry, and his leadership not only on our team but the HGA organization as a whole.

The HGA focuses on several pillars for conducting business, and we are proud to have a team that showcases each of the H Factor pillars. The “H” in H-Factor stands for so much more than Hosts Global Alliance.  The H stands for: Hospitable, Hip, Honors, Heroes, Heart, Happiness and drives our focus to our clients and partners in the industry. With fierce competitors in the Bay Area, we are proud to the only HGA member from Yosemite to Lake Tahoe, as one of 300 global locations.

It is our great pleasure to applaud our Vice President, Stephen Lazar, in this impressive achievement. With over 25 years of hospitality experience and an undeniable passion for his work, it is an understatement to say this award is well deserved.

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