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The American College of Surgeons

Bay Area Excursions with Lasting Impressions.

Producing multiple, simultaneous tours showcasing the imagination of our client and creating opportunities for maximum attendee engagement.

With over 10,000 doctors in attendance for their annual meeting, the American College of Surgeons looked to Key Events for our expertise in organizing excursions in and around the Bay Area. Strategically orchestrating a wide-range of activities designed to appeal to anyone from the seasoned traveler to the novice explorer, our carefully designed itinerary appealed to San Francisco regulars and first-time visitors alike. Ensuring the tours were as diverse as the attendees, we included tried-and-true favorites, gastronomical delights—it is San Francisco, after all—nature walks, art excursions and adventures beyond the Golden Gate.

Armed with access to under-the-radar spaces and one-of-a-kind wineries, we used our knowledge of local attractions to create an array of first-class tours. We went the extra mile and designed specialized concierge services to ensure each guest felt like they had our undivided attention. These adventures were anything but the status quo. Attendees made unforgettable memories and engaged in countless networking opportunities along the way. The overall goals of the client and the meeting were supported at every turn by these carefully crafted experiences.

Our ability to understand goals and form partnerships with clients is why this association trusted us with 10,000+ attendees and three days of adventures throughout Northern California.