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Art Gallery Event with Community Focus

Building an interactive opportunity to engage with artists and promote a company mission.

Enlisting artistry to communicate brand goals and entertain throughout an event. 

A private  event was held in a local art gallery in celebration of impressive sales numbers. Key Events designed a fully immersive experience, highlighting award winning contributions to the company and encouraging top sellers to continue through the next year. This resulted in prominent displays of sales number through decor and inspired catering menu.

Inspired by the venue, artistic inspiration took hold of this event. The team asked local artists to submit personal works of art to depict the brand’s commitment to the community. The brand focuses on not only sales, but sustainable business practices for the environment as a whole. Throughout the event an artist painted the companies vehicle to symbolize pillars of the same mission. The client was happy and the evening was a success!

I can’t say how much I appreciate the efforts,the willingness to jump through some major hoops, andabove all the sense of humor and grace under pressure.