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Black Tie Gala on Alcatraz Island

Exclusive opportunities in the heart of San Francisco landmarks

An international group came to the Bay Area for a four day incentive program culminating in a final evening dinner event on Alcatraz Island.  This would be the first formal event ever to be held on Alcatraz and there were many challenges involved in getting it to its fruition.   Since Alcatraz is under the jurisdiction of the National Parks Service, we worked closely with the National Parks Department to secure the required permits and to meet the stringent regulations of using the island. 

Conditions on Alcatraz can be very rough and some places are actually unsafe to visit.Unpredictable and often bitter weather is always a factor and all the plant and animal life on Alcatraz are protected by law.  Additionally, Alcatraz is generally open to private groups only two nights a week and private functions must be held to a strict schedule outside of the public touring hours. Thanks to careful planning and minute by minute attention to detail, the first formal even on Alcatraz was a smashing success.


It was truly a memorable night and is still being talked about by our participants.