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Investing in software and in Key Events

Partners gather for annual updates on the company

San Francisco based private equity firm focusing on managing investments in software and technology companies came to Key Events looking to partner in developing a meeting for their partners and an annual update. The client gave full direction on a theme and Key Events managed the theme with poise, adding elements of the theme to décor and signage while drawing clear parallels between the success of the company and its partners and the theme. Key Events managed a full service meeting, from guest accommodation to AV to registration; our reach extended across the country to New York to create an expert meeting. Every detail was explored, from attendee’s dietary restrictions and preferences to the full outline of every power source across rooms. Floor plans were generated to exact scale for décor and signage, ensuring each opportunity for success was fully taken advantage of. Our team took care of transportation and offsite logistics for C-level executives, and all attendees were given a VIP experience from the break outs to the catering. This was our first meeting with this client and we have become their primary partners in meeting management ever since.


 There is no other company we work with that has given us this much value.