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Destination Management

Global Technology Company Incentive Program

A more inventive way to drive up sales.

Surprising solutions to drive sales without driving up cost. 

When called upon by a global technology company, we designed and produced an incentive event for one of their most valued European sales groups. We delivered a flawless program tailored to this group by tuning in and working closely with the internal team to understand and deliver a program that exceeded their expectations. We developed a clear picture of the participants and molded deeply engaging, inventive activities to help them foster career-lasting connections.

A last minute need to cut costs had us turn on a dime, thinking creatively to ensure the impact of the experience remained exceptional. We provided customer service, resourcefulness and flexibility at every step of the way. Taking on our client’s goals and challenges as if they were our own, we created a tailored experience for each guest that reinforced the company’s commitment to their attendees and created a stronger, more personal bond.

I have not experienced the exceptional level of service and cooperation that I received from you.