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Marketing Automation Software Client

A Green User Conference: Embracing Growth. Seeing Green.

Leveraging a network in Las Vegas for a first time user conference with virtual technology.

Always looking to set the standard, we strategized a new kind of conference and awards ceremony. Going outside the usual ‘green playbook’ (no bottled water, digital presentations, and materials posted online, etc.) we were one of the first companies to use virtual nametags, a client-branded conference-specific electronic device. All conference materials, hotel accommodations, etc. were distributed via the badge, allowing for all logistical information or conference updates to be in one place and at an attendees’ fingertips.

After decades of planning events in Las Vegas, we knew the town and could draw the floorplan of nearly any hotel from memory. We hired only local vendors for ground services, and our awareness of the venue enabled us to strategically place signage only where it need to be (all printed on recycled boards with soy-based inks, of course!). We used live, local habitat-appropriate plants rather than floral décor and compostable containers for any snacks, creating a unique, forward-thinking green event for our client that reinforced their brand’s commitment to sustainability.

It’s amazing how green any conference or meeting can be. All it takes is experience, meticulous attention to detail, and our Key Events team.