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Medical Device Company transform a conference into a product launch with our expertise.

An Impromptu Product Launch

A proactive response  transformed potential catastrophe into industry buzz.

A leader in medical devices, our client trusted us when they found themselves in a pinch. With a last minute need to unveil a highly anticipated, top-secret device a month before their annual users conference in Palm Springs, attendance was set to double. The program would now include a multifaceted gathering of scientists, neurosurgeons, hospital administrators, partners, internal sales representatives, industry analysts and select media. Luckily, Key Events was already on board to organize the conference’s networking events, including a live polo match and a gala at Greta Garbo’s estate.

Working with the resort, our team reorganized the event quickly and smoothly. We expanded the scope of the project to include a tabletop partner showcase, onsite registration, and ad hoc meetings specifically for the diverse audience. We also made sure to provide tight security to protect the client’s new, innovative device. Before the weekend was over, our client converted at least one prospect into a new multi-million dollar client—the ultimate testament to our ability to create an environment ideal for education and networking.

It was a pleasure working with you and all the Key Events staff. Your knowledge of the business combined with your professionalism and focus on our needs made it a wonderful experience.