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"Meet me in San Francisco" Networking Event

Bringing iconic San Francisco to the forefront of industry connections

Transforming a grand ballroom into San Francisco inspired landmarks with custom props.

Key created a special event where guests could experience the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghiradelli Square, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf…all in one room. Guests were invited to meet with their colleagues in the various themed vignettes located around a large ballroom.These vignettes were distinguished by using large San Francisco themed props custom made for Key Events from a trusted partner.  Each individual vignette represented a particular area of the City. With so many eclectic cultures and identities within San Francisco, there was great opportunity to bring each area to life.

The night came alive with walk around entertainment and dance music performed by a live band, Pop Fiction. Each vignette was like a unique theme fitting cohesively into the venue space. Although there were different elements, the cohesion of a San Francisco vibrant city was clear. Buffet tables with catering and desserts crafted from San Francisco businesses not only highlighted the separate vignette ideas, they brought authentic cuisine to the forefront of the successful evening. The evening was a big success and showcased a new way to network in style!

It was truly a pleasure to work with you I hope I have the opportunity to do so again.