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Cutting event spend without cutting on impact

Against all odds, the Key Team accepts any challenge that gets thrown their way. An annual event has a sudden change from a two-day to a single day event, and the budget cut completely in half. A large increase in attendance added to the already stressful event. The changes kept piling up and time was beginning to run out. So, how did Key accomplish so much for our client on a smaller budget? The Key Team started by banding together to strategize the program’s necessities vs. luxuries; making sure to decrease purchased technology and cutting down on allotted staff. The hotel’s function space was used for multiple elements, instead of bringing the group offsite. This eliminated transportation spend, and additional food and beverage costs. Given the great relationship with the client and the hotel,  our planners were trusted to make these reductions in a short amount of time without sacrificing the quality of the event. After the event was complete, the group jumped into the planning for the next year. This success is a testament to the expertise of the Key Events team, and the strength of our relationships built.