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Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

A Long History of Innovation

Over a decade of consistent, innovative solutions for one of the world’s biggest technology innovators.

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is an annual gathering for partners and Microsoft staff to connect—the most recent conference attracted 12,000 attendees from 120 countries. WPC also creates an opportunity for regional Microsoft groups to learn directly about what’s new, network, and enjoy some out-of-the-office and out-of-the-country team building. For a dozen consecutive years, in 12 different cities, we have risen to the challenge of coordinating these mini-conferences for five of the regions.

Working closely with the director of each region, we anticipated and adapted to logistical complexities, designing programs tailored for each group. Our goal from the onset was to ensure every person felt engaged and inspired—receiving a well-deserved break after 5 days of WPC madness. Year after year, we’ve supported each regional group from breakfast to late night desserts with a myriad of programs, including fun break-out sessions like golf tournaments and hot air ballooning, along with multimedia meetings and exclusive new technology seminars. Constructing a welcome balance of networking and information sharing, our programs are designed to revitalize the regional teams and send everyone home on a high note.

One day. 4,000+ exhausted people. Five separate, simultaneous programs. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing when we’re onboard.