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Destination Management

CSR with the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

Team Building Through Volunteerism:
When people grow things together, they grow together.

A community service program with a green focus for an organization looking to give back. 

Key Events believes in the value of these service-based events and is proud to execute more and more of them each year. A U.S.-based, international organization, the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) sought support when looking to engage employees in a meaningful experience. After learning more about TMS’ mission and their vision for a philanthropic team building event. Key Events joined forces with Alemany Farms, a not-for-profit San Francisco-based agricultural organization. This group is known not only for growing healthy food on their 4+ acres of farmland, but also for providing green job training for local residents in a traditionally underserved community.

Working with Alemany Farms, we customized a day-long, hands-on program, creating opportunities for meaningful personal and professional connections. TMS participants enthusiastically worked together, and at the end of the day they could hardly believe what they accomplished. They grew as a team, all while contributing to a larger purpose and a community in need.

From initiating a plan through completion of the project, Key Events took care of the details so we could focus on helping those in need.