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Social Media Titan Employee Event

Merging technology and iconic San Francisco for one memorable evening

Enthusiasm at the event and continuing through social media posts following. 

For a company synonymous with San Francisco, we secured the elegance of City Hall as the perfect venue for the occasion. The internet buzzed with images of City Hall’s exterior lit in an iconic shade of blue. Inside, branding was front and center in the Rotunda. With a venue as architecturally striking as City Hall for the back drop, the goal was to let the beauty of the building speak for itself. Décor focused primarily on lighting with key accents and subtle branded elements. Inside City Hall, the night burst with holiday sparkle, and allowed employees to be the stars of the party.

Large screens throughout the venue streamed highlights from the year along with visually addicting slow motion videos created by guests onsite. At every moment, there was a new showcase on the employees that made the company’s success possible. Each room offered a different experience with something for everyone. Many points of service had fun surprises like a nitrogen cocktail bar, cotton candy on a glow stick, and late night snacks that kept guests in high spirits. The celebration garnered rave reviews all around from a demographic well- known for a critical eye.

Everyone who interacted with the team of dedicated professionals was impressed both with the creativity and execution. The final result was a spectacular evening that was truly a memorable experience for all that attended.