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Tastes of San Francisco

A new spin on an old classic, the iconic Cable Cars of San Francisco are a must for visitors. Our tour partners operate an electric model inspired by these mobile landmarks, which give guests a unique way to travel across San Francisco. Our client asked us to convey the diversity of our different neighborhoods, so our team designed a tasting from our favorite local restaurants. The hardest part was narrowing down the amazing food in each district to only 4 stops! Our team reached out to each restaurant, who had never participated in a group sampling of 180 people. As the cable cars drove from location to location, our expert tour guides gave a history of the iconic districts. The final stop was a local art gallery for a desert reception to complete the “Tastes of San Francisco” tour. Using our knowledge of the city and our great existing relationships with vendors, we were able to craft an experience that sent the group on a route through a culinary tour de force that finished with a true understanding of the city of San Francisco.

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