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Thoughtful Branded Environments Make Human Connections

It's not just your logo, it's your brand promise

Conference season is peaking here in San Francisco, and with it comes new and creative event setups that turn the galleries, museums, parks and even main streets around the Moscone Convention Center buzzing with brand stories come to life in lounges and recharge stations that seemingly undergo metamorphosis into beautiful private bars where networking only stops when the complimentary cocktail hour ends. All donning their uniforming badges, passing from space to space to be amazed like children at the circus. With all of these activations, how do we let your brand stand out?

Five Key Ingredients, according to Fast Co Design, keep your brand at the heart of the experience without overdoing it.

  1. Don’t Just Slap Your Logo All Over
  2. Be Entertaining and Authentic
  3. Think of the Brand as a Verb
  4. Give the Space Brand Characteristics
  5. Treat Experiences as your Giveaways

We look back at our 2016 Dreamforce lounge’s play on a fun theme at a swanky lounge in the heart of San Francisco. The product’s focus is a one-stop solution for customer engagement with data analytics, all stored in the Cloud. This annual event needed to be unique and selected an “Alice in Octane” theme for their annual Dreamforce event. We provided full-service event management that picked up the event’s brand colors and translated the sense of whimsy to the product. Guests began by walking through the looking glass and arriving into an event lit with pops of red and purple, with the logo projected onto the side of the neighbor’s building. Guests engaged with the brand through casino activations, strolling entertainment, and small touches that drove the theme and the brand’s characteristics.

We have several events brewing for brand activations throughout the October 2017 Dreamforce celebration and can’t wait to show you what is in store for our favorite clients as we keep these guidelines in mind for thoughtful activations.

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