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Using the “3 C’s” of Team Building for Incentive Planning

Key Events is constantly receiving requests for incentive programs that offer the very best of the Bay Area, presenting attendees with experiences of a lifetime.  One of the latest incentive trends we’re seeing is the addition of team building activities and educational components that strengthen company culture, heighten engagement, and offer more bang for the buck.
If you’ve ever presented plans for a team building exercise, you’ve probably experienced a few unenthusiastic reactions. Traditional team building activities can hit or miss when it comes to execution and impact.  However, with the relaxed environment of an incentive, employees are already released from the stress of everyday work responsibilities (a key requirement for successful social team building). Add in the social and family structure of most incentives and you have the perfect backdrop for great team building activities.

Turning a tour or activity into a team building exercise is as simple as adding one of three key elements; creativity, competition, or collaboration. The best team building activities will contain all three features. We recently applied these concepts to a tour exploring the Ferry Building and Exploratorium. Our client was looking for a way to turn the activity into an interactive experience where teams competed against each other, and relied on their teammates.  After a creative brainstorming session, we presented our client with an Embarcadero “Amazing Race” Scavenger Hunt. Having teams race to solve clues, recreate classic San Francisco photo shoots, and interact with actors scattered along the Embarcadero was a huge hit.  The experience also tied in corporate culture and key messages the company wanted their employees to take away – elevating engagement to a new level.

A team studies landmark shots before embarking on a photoshoot mission.

Another great example is a popular hands-on exploration of Wine Country.  We worked with wineries to create wine blending competitions that require participants to learn about different wines, work together to blend their own winning combination, and then compete to see whose wine takes the top prize.

Likewise, wine stomping competitions put teams against each other in an obstacle course style race to go from vine to bottle.  Attendees are given a bottle of the very wine they produced at the end of the day, which serves as a great reminder to the activity and company messages conveyed.

As companies look for new ways to stretch their dollars and capitalize on every opportunity for team improvement, we believe educational and team building add-ons to incentives are a winning combination.  Next time you’re planning an incentive, stop and think about ways to incorporate team building into existing tours and activities. By focusing on creativity, competition, and collaboration, incentives can go from a simple company reward to an experience that will build culture and inspire better teamwork.

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  1. Tim says:

    Love this 3 “C’s” of creative team building! So few people realize the amount of creativity, collaboration and competition involved in any team building event. If I may, though, I would like to add one more “C” to your list… commitment. Both on the part of the teams and the management.

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