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Why Work with a Hosts Global Alliance Member?

Three Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss

Hosts Global Alliance (HGA) connects our company (and our clients) to a network of award-winning Destination Management Companies (DMC) in over 190 destinations across the globe. Key Events is the San Francisco representative of the HGA family, connecting our partner companies with our valued suppliers for experiences from Yosemite to Lake Tahoe. Here are the benefits of engaging a member of Hosts Global Alliance.

  1. Curated for Excellence

When you work with a member of HGA, you are connecting with a compnay that has been vetted by a consortium with over 50 years of award-winning client focused service. DMCs that approach HGA to become members undergo a screening process. A membership panel moves forward with companies who are leaders in their region. Prospective members must participate in industry organizations, live up to the “H-Factor” that comprises the HGA standards, and must have worked with an existing HGA partner who recommends them to the network. This screening process benefits the end user who can rest assured each member has a great reputation.

  1. On-The-Ground Extension of Your Team

HGA DMCs make waves with their creativity and dedicated service in their region. While all members share the universal values of HGA, each provides expertise for their unique region. An HGA DMC has an arsenal of high-end experiences ranging from the must-do tourist attractions to the VIP activities, featuring local suppliers with established reputations. Members of HGA thrive on discovering restaurant, hotel, and event trends from their regions, which results in amazing experiences for clients. This local knowledge is paired with a referring member for a seamless handoff between locations.  We are fortunate to work in tandem with our Southern California partners, The Event Team, to create multi-day programs that span both Southern and Northern California without sacrificing quality.

  1. Trendsetters of the DMC Global Industry

HGA connects DMCs around the world and provides education and standardization  that sets the tone for the event planning industry. HGA sponsors annual education conferences, works closely with the Association of Destination Management Executives International training initiatives and issues their own standards for working within HGA. As HGA encompasses a greater number of international companies, the standardization for trusted event partners is essential. These standards include: staying ahead of the curve on the event planners of tomorrow, always adapting to client requests and having a finger on the pulse of trends. HGA asks for feedback from clients and DMCs to get a full picture of what is happening next. With the industry always evolving, HGA acts to adjust best practices.

These are just some of the benefits of working with HGA. Many benefits can be found through the awards HGA receives as an organization and the awards the DMCs under the HGA umbrella win year after year. Partner with the best in the business and choose an HGA DMC for your next program. After all, we’re taking over the globe!

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