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Wired and Inspired with Viceroy Hotels Urban Retreat Collection

By Performance DJ Ana Roman

I recently had the honor of playing a hybrid DJ-Performance set hosted by Key Events at Hotel Zelos, one of Viceroy’s breathtaking properties in their Urban Retreat Collection. 

Viceroy describes their Urban Retreat Collection as “a tier of boutique hotels with bold, eccentric personalities. They are wired and inspired, just like the culturati and technorati that visit them.” Event producer, Key Events flawlessly delivered on bringing this bold and eccentric brand personality to life. 

This particular night was nothing short of magical, with many enthusiastic guests in tow. What made the stay and my work with Key Events and Hotel Zelos even more glorious is that they provide guests (even musical ones) with outstanding service. As an electronic musician who travels with modular gear, I was able to practice my set in a first-rate room with plenty of space to set up for a mini-rehearsal. This is a rare luxury as an electronic musician who caters to many different audiences in so many parts of the world. I just never know where I’m going to land!

No matter how many times I touch down in different parts of the globe, San Francisco still remains a rare magical, experimental, and whimsical city that welcomes unparalleled dance music for the masses.

The staff and events managers at Key Events are well aware of the pulse of electronic dance music and made sure the night was unparalleled in the scope of sound, set-up, and an astonishing atmosphere. As a musician, artist, and DJ I made sure the crowd was ready for a celebratory and experimental set. They made it possible for me to seamlessly set up my Yamaha mixer, TC-Helicon vocal effect pedal, midi-keyboard by M-Audio, and Novation Launchkey Mini-pad without a hitch! With two Pioneer CD-J’s provided by Key Events’ sound technicians, two huge speakers, and a monitor, I was able to live produce, improve, sing, and perform ever so seamlessly. After 30 minutes of my live improv set triggered by Ableton, I made the shift over to a live DJ set and got the crowd ready to dance.

Set outside on the spacious terrace of Hotel Zelos, the audience glimmered and gathered over tasty appetizers that unfortunately, I was way too busy to sample! A small price to pay for being the night’s entertainment. But I’m more than happy to provide. As friends, co-workers, influencers, fashionistas, and hotel staff zipped in and out I made sure to pepper my set with plenty of smooth house, soft techno, italo-disco, electro, and soul music. 

All in all, it was my goal and purpose to make all patrons, music-lovers, and guests smile, dance, and laugh for this one night at Hotel Zelos in the heart of San Francisco. What made this all possible? Not just my selection of music and modular set, but the innovative staff at Key Events who think ahead of the curve and dare I say, ahead of the game. Of all the musical night’s in this electronic musician’s life, this one will certainly go down in musical history!

Listen to the Viceroy Event House Music Here.

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