Internal Meeting for 2,000 // California Winery

The Client
The 3rd largest tech company in Silicon Valley, AR/VR.

The Event
Internal meeting for 2,000 employees from a newly combined group within the organization, held at an outdoor amphitheater within a Northern California winery. The was an inaugural event to unveil this new internal force within the company.

The Challenge
The event served as a catalyst to get everyone aligned, engaged, and excited.

The Result
2,100 attendees, 5 hotel room blocks, 600 pieces of luggage, 16,000 pieces of swag, a 2-hour Executive led keynote, 2 full meal services, custom activations, a name act concert, and 600 rideshares, all executed flawlessly in an outdoor venue no less – it was a huge success. Client leveraged Key Events as the vehicle to translate and execute the Internal Communications Team’s vision of “ inclusivity & diversity” as well as recognizing that their new organization is well positioned to deliver the next BIG disruption in tech.

Services Provided
Strategic Planning
Type of Event
We put the power of our global network of strategic partners to work for you.

The result?

  • Global Reach
  • Negotiating Power
  • Flawless Service
  • WOW Experiences